DizzyTara's Sketch & Ink Procreate Brushes

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9 unique inking and sketching brushes (.brush files) for use in the Procreate App! 

Brushy Ink - has a nice brushy feel with a lot of range. Works with tilt to achieve lots of different line weights.

Board Marker - a bold inking brush with good control for writing as well as inking.

LG Ink 1 - an inking brush with a rough edge made to emulate my husband's favorite tools in Flash

LG Ink 2 - similar to above with a slightly rougher edge and grain. 

Oval Ink - an oval shaped brush with precise opacity and size control. 

Bold Oval Ink - similar to above with opacity removed for a nice bold inking result.

Triangle - a triangular shaped inking brush with precise size control. 

Oval Sketch - my favorite sketching brush. Oval shape and precise size/opacity control. Works with tilt to achieve broad shading if needed.

Brush Pen - a smooth and precise inker with a brushy feel.

*These brushes are made for the Procreate app on iPad and designed to work best with the Apple Pencil.

*These brushes are also available in the "Every Brush Ever" bundle.


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DizzyTara's Sketch & Ink Procreate Brushes

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